Wim Ibens 2014

Wim Ibens (Antwerp 1934-1997) was a sculptor, silver and goldsmith and important Flemish art educator. He founded the department of Jewelry design at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Art in 1968.

In 2000 ARTos vzw founded the bi-annual Wim Ibens Award for silversmithing and jewelry design to commemorate the heritage of Wim Ibens

In July 2014, Ruth Felter won the prestigious Wim Ibens award 2014.
[External links in Dutch: Zilver Museum and Atos VZW]

The winning piece is named Bird on a wire.
At first glance this looks like a silver wire ring with an ornamental flower. The fragile leaves look like honeysuckle but actually are 4 carefully positioned chicken beaks.